Covid 19

Covid 19

Tuesday 17th March

Wexford Orthodontics will close for all non- emergency treatment until 29 th March and we will review the situation at that stage.

We have decided to close voluntarily even though the Department of Health, through the Chief Dental Officer, issued a letter late last night to say that non-urgent routine dentistry could continue provided that social distancing protocols were implemented in waiting areas. We feel however, that at this time of national crisis, it is better to be overcautious rather than risk the health of our patients and staff for non-urgent treatment.

We will continue to answer phones and emails while closed and if any of our existing patients require urgent advice or treatment, we will facilitate this.

Dr. Ryan and Dr. O’Morain will separately review their notes and records for each patient under treatment over the next few days and if they need to see anyone urgently, they will contact them and ask them to come in.

For most patients braces will continue to remain active and will continue move the teeth for several months after they were last adjusted. If they are not adjusted at that stage, tooth movement will slowly stop and it might take longer to finish your treatment.

It is important that people with braces maintain very good brushing as plaque building up will damage the teeth and gums. We normally check your brushing at each appointment and make you aware if it isn’t adequate. If your appointment is cancelled and you don’t see us, please please take care that you continue to brush really well. You should also remember to wash hands for at least 20 seconds before putting them in your mouth to touch your brace or change elastics if you have these.

We will post updates regarding our arrangements on the news page of our website while closed.

We hope that you and your families remain safe and well through this unprecedented crisis and we look forward to seeing your happy and healthy smile in due course.

From all of us at
Wexford Orthodontics