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Searching for the ideal white brace.

These white wires and brackets, which we fit for someone earlier this week, look very nice but will they hold their colour and will they move the teeth as effectively as metal braces ? We are constantly reviewing new products as they come on the market but we have yet to find a white brace […]

Wexford Orthodontics sponsor Creagh College Event

Donna and her son Jack represented us at “Who wants to be a Thousandaire” which was held at the Amber Springs Hotel in Gorey last week to raise funds for Creagh College in Gorey. The night was sponsored by Wexford Orthodontics. Donna is from Gorey and has worked with Wexford Orthodontics since 2007. Jack is […]

X-Ray Safety Review

  We recently completed a periodic review of our x-ray safety procedures at Wexford Orthodontics and we are glad to report that no changes to our existing protocols are required. As you might expect all x-ray facilities in the country are very strictly regulated by the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland. Regular inspections of the […]

Why all the advertising among dentists now when we never had this before ?

                 Up to a few years ago dentists and orthodontists were prohibited from any form of advertising and the rules were very strictly enforced to protect the public from unrealistic claims. Newspaper and radio advertising was banned. Websites were not allowed. Any form of sponsorship was considered taboo.  A […]

Sterilisation Protocol Review

                                             We recently completed a periodic internal review of our sterilisation procedures and protocols at Wexford Orthodontics. As a result of this we made a few changes which included upgrading one of the sterilisers […]

Many thanks for all your good wishes.

Many thanks for all your good wishes following my rather premature hip replacement surgery on 11th December. As many of you know this was as a result of an injury which I received when I fell from a horse 6 years ago. I now know that 40 was too old to get my first horse […]

Recent upgrades

            We have just finished updating our website, having completed an extensive upgrade of our Gorey practice. As part of this upgrade we added a new patient consultation area with full x-ray and imaging facilities. This means that patients from the north of county Wexford and from county Wicklow no longer […]