Can I continue to play sports and wear a gum shield while I have braces?

sportsYes you can participate in all sports with braces – even rugby, boxing and martial arts.
If you participate in contact sports you should wear a mouthguard.

Standard mouthguards, which are available for approximately €2.50 in sports shops, can be adapted to fit around fixed applainces and provide adequate protection for most sports.

“Opro Shields” provide superior protection and are more comfortable to wear so we recommend these for people who are likely to take heavier knocks, people playing sport at a higher level and for those that find standard mouthguards uncomfortable.

Opro Shields can be ordered online at or by phoning 00 44 1707 261261 and cost €18 plus p&p. Several different types of Opro Shields are available but we recommend the Ortho Gold type which has been specifically designed for use with fixed applainces and comes in a range of colours.