Do I need a mouthwash with fixed appliances?

mouthwashStudies show that a mouthwash containing Fluoride helps to increase the resistance of your teeth to plaque while wearing fixed braces. Even while using a mouthwash your teeth will still decay and become marked if plaque is allowed to accumulate.
If you use a mouthwash check on the bottle that it contains the essential ingredient Fluoride. This might be written on the ingredients as “Flouride” “Sodium Fluoride” or as “NaF”.  About half of the mouthwashes available in the shops contain Flouride and are suitable for use with fixed braces. If you use a Fluoride mouthwash you should rinse with  it once a day after thorough brushing.
Some people with specific gum problems will be advised to use different types of mouthwash by either their dentist or orthodontist.