What can I eat with Braces?

eatYou should be able to enjoy a normal diet with braces. Fixed braces are stuck to the teeth and so you need to be careful with certain foods if you are to avoid knocking them off. Foods such as apples and French bread for example need to be chopped before eating. Chewing toffees and crunching hard boiled sweets are probably two of the best ways of wrecking fixed braces.

Curries tend to stain the elastics used on some white braces. These are changes at each appointment so you might like to try a curry the night before your next appointment.

Removable braces and functional appliances for jaw growth usually have a palate attached (unlike fixed braces) so they take some time for your mouth to adjust to. This is like adapting to a new set of dentures and once your mouth has adapted you should be able to enjoy your food as normal. Children tend to adapt to these braces much quicker than adults.