Invisalign & Aligner Treatments

invisalign-wexfordInvisalign is a treatment system which involves wearing a series of flexible clear plastic aligners most of the time apart from eating.

Each aligner feels a little tight when it is first fit, but loose two weeks later after it has moved the teeth slightly. A series of aligners is designed specifically for you, so that your teeth are slowly moved to the desired position. A course of treatment can involve anything from 5 to 50 different aligners, each worn in sequence.

The main benefit of Invisalign is that the aligners are clear and can’t be seen.

Aligners are not good for certain types of tooth movement so fixed appliances or clear braces are still the best option for many treatments. When aligners are used, they need to be specifically designed and manufactured for each individual treatment. This adds to the cost as it is a complex and expensive process, involving collaboration between the orthodontist performing the treatment and the Invisalign design and manufacturing teams. 

Invisalign is one type of aligner treatment system. Others exist, but Invisalign the best known and the most highly developed system, so it is the one that we have trained in and that we use at Wexford Orthodontics. 

If you would like have your treatment with Invisalign rather than with fixed appliances, please ask at your consultation appointment and we can discuss whether it is suitable and what it would involve for you.