6 Month Braces

“6 month smiles” or “6 month braces” is a term used to describe treatment with fixed appliances which is carried out by a general dentist rather than by a specialist orthodontist. The dentists that provide “6 month braces” have usually attended short courses which teach them how to straighten top front teeth with basic fixed appliances but not how to correct bites.

As specialist orthodontists we like to correct bites also because experience has shown us that the front teeth will usually not remain straight if there isn’t a good bite to support them. A good bite is also healthier and gives a more pleasing smile.

There are some cases where the existing bite is adequate to support straight front teeth and in these cases the front teeth can be straightened without changing the bite. This usually takes us between 2 and 6 months to complete using either fixed appliances or white braces on the top front teeth only.

These suitable cases are difficult to identify without specialist experience and training. Many people who initially opt for “6 month braces” with their general dentist later have specialist treatment with an orthodontist because their teeth have moved back


Here we used white braces for 4 months to straighten top and bottom front teeth without changing the bite