Consultation Visits

2916The purpose of your consultation visit is to identify any abnormalities of your teeth bite or jaws and to inform you of any problems that may arise because of these. You will also be told what treatment would be required to correct these abnormalities and what benefits you might expect to receive from treatment.

By attending for a consultation you do not commit yourself to any future treatment.

During the consultation photographs and x-rays of your face and jaws are usually taken to aid diagnosis. Some people also need to have impressions of their teeth taken.

When children attend with their parents it is normal practice to see the child without their parents first. Any abnormalities and suggested treatments are then discussed with both the child and parents.
A fixed fee of €80 is payable on the day that you attend for your consultation. This includes the cost of x-rays, photographs, impressions and any other tests that might be required.

If treatment is required you will be told about all fees involved and our payment arrangements when you attend for your consultation appointment.

A full consultation usually takes at least an hour to complete so please allow plenty of time. If you need to change your appointment please give us as much notice as possible as we are usually fully booked in advance.