“At the age of 29, I had really crooked teeth, my confidence and self esteem were rock bottom, and it seemed like there was nothing I could do about it. To me braces weren’t an option for I was “too old” to wear braces! I was eventually persuaded by a friend to seek a consultation with a very highly recommended Dr Ryan. Best thing I have ever done, Dr Ryan explained everything perfectly, it was his excellently explained treatment plan, professionalism and reassurance that won me over. I was sick of being so self-conscious about my teeth and never smiled for photos.

I always believed that I would need extractions and the braces would be painful and uncomfortable. Two pain-free years later (and no extractions needed), I am a new man, with the straight teeth I always longed for, and for good measure- a sore jaw from smiling!! The difference is unbelievable and the results are not just to my teeth, my confidence has found unseen heights!! I cannot thank Dr Ryan enough for all his work; he was always gentle, supportive and accommodating. With no exaggeration, the decision to go to Dr Ryan and get braces changed my life, I’m just sorry I put it off so long, but it’s never too late.”

Darren – Wexford
31 year old construction worker
September 2010


“My daughter started braces with Dr. Ryan when she was 13. She was always very conscious of her crooked teeth and avoided smiling in case anyone would see them.

The transformation has been unbelievable. She is now a bubbly 15 year old who never stops smiling. Her whole personality has changed and she is much more outgoing and self confident.

Braces changed my daughter’s life.”

Susan – Wexford
September 2010


“I started braces with Dr. Ryan when I was 12 and had them on for 2 years. My front teeth were crossed over at the start and I was very self conscious of them. Now they look brilliant and people say I never stop smiling.

I found the braces easy and a lot of my friends had them at the same time. I would recommend braces and Dr. Ryan to anyone who has crooked teeth.”

Darren – Wexford
15 years old September 2010


“ A sporting accident caused my front teeth to be crooked and damaged. Getting treatment from Dr. Ryan was so simple and pain free. You would never know you were wearing braces honestly !

Thanks for giving me my smile back.”

Jason 36 years old – Wexford
September 2010


“Seven years after my braces were removed I returned to Dr. Ryan for some minor amendments. I’d be lying if I said I was ecstatic about getting braces back on so many years later but my worries soon vanished when I heard the process would take only 2- 3 months and was also free of charge!

Dr. Ryan then fitted me with clear braces and much to my delight I soon discovered most people never even noticed them.

Since they’ve come off I’ve never been happier with my smile and if that ever changes I know Dr. Ryan is just a phone call away.”

Jill – Dublin 23 year old TV reporter / Journalist
August 2010


“My daughter is 9 and needed braces on her front teeth for 3 months over the Summer. She didn’t mind this at all and in fact she looked forward to her appointments with Dr. Ryan and his staff. She will need another brace when she has her full set of adult teeth in a few years and I would have no hesitation in returning to Dr. Ryan for this.”

Emma – Wexford
September 2010


“ I thought I was too old for braces until my dentist suggested that I book an appointment to see Dr. Ryan. I am so glad that I did and my only regret is that I didn’t do it many years ago. I was always embarrassed about my teeth and now I can smile with confidence for the first time in my life. I would advise anyone in a similar situation to book an appointment and see what they can do.”

Joan 59 years old – Wexford
September 2010


“I was always very conscious of my crooked front teeth, and when I reached the big 50 it really started to bug me. Dr. Ryan has transformed my life, he has given me a lovely ring of confidence smile.

The whole procedure with the braces, and the aftercare service was totally pain free and well worth it. Thank you Dr. Ryan.”

Louise – Wexford
54 year old Civil Servant
October 2010