Child Protection & Monitoring Protocols

Wexford Orthodontics – December 2016

The safety of patients takes precedence over all other issues and as part of that, the safety of children and minors requires separate consideration.

Incidents of child abuse, which we now know to have occurred in many other areas in the past, mean that it is prudent to put protocols in place in order to create an environment at Wexford Orthodontics where it would never be possible for this type of abuse to occur.


  1. No minor should ever be left alone with a male member of staff. Ideally a second member of staff should be present at all times, but if they must leave the area, they can only do so if a parent or another patient is in the room at that time. Otherwise they must remain in the room until another member of staff can relieve them
  2. All treatment of minors is carried out in an open plan area rather than behind a closed door. The treatment areas have been carefully designed to provide privacy for the patient, while at the same time being open to the reception and waiting areas.
  3. The treatment area in Wexford will be monitored by CCTV cameras. This will be reviewed and a decision will be made whether to extend it to Gorey. The treatment area in Gorey is more open and closer to the reception / waiting area, so there is less of a requirement for monitoring in Gorey.
  4. The cameras will run continuously and the recordings will only be deleted when this is done automatically by the system to create space for new recordings after a considerable period of time. No member of staff will ever interfere with the system or attempt to delete any recording.
  5. A monitor will not be connected to the monitoring system so it will not be possible for members of staff to review and look at recorded material.
  6. Staff, patients and guardians can only view or copy recorded material after the Gardai have been informed who has requested access and the reason for such access. Access will then only be granted under the supervision of or with the prior written consent of a member of the Gardai.
  7. If any member of staff becomes aware that any of these protocols are not being followed or if they suspect that the safety of a child or minor has been compromised or is at risk, they must immediately report it to their line manager or to the gardai if they think that this is more appropriate.